SoundTrax will be shortly back


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Boring? nothing to do?

Well be a dj for free all you need is to contact me -> Enjoy and good luck we dont need pro djs now u can use a mic and music on =D we got our auto dj on but when its 22:00 it start to play Electronica music Trance , house  more then 1 hour Enjoy!!

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SoundTrax Radio List genre!!

The list of the genre music we need are!

1. Chill Out

2. Ambient

3.  Rock

4. Pop

5.  Alternative like pop/rock/trance but not full track only normal track

If you are about to be live or on underconstruction please mail me so i can directly connect to the playlist when it happend something wrong directly to the SoundTrax Bot 😉 All we need its you example Playing chill out need a mic maybe and pop/rock alternative radio need a mic so if you about to play your own music please mail us and we will give you a special address so you can directly setup without asking me =) its all about Sound =D and if we grow up we will probaly be very good and the best from all internet Radio Station 😉 Mail address ->

P.S. Post your comment about the idea we also need you to have contact -> NO ADVERSTING OR CENSORED WORD ALL YOU NEED IS RESPECT THE PEOPLE!!

[ THIS WILL BE A HARD JOB AT THE FIRST TIME ^^ lol sorry for caps ;P]

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Soundtrax Radio is going to be bigger!!

Well i know u have been listening to this station and i was thinking now if u want to stream video with us and you can play whatever you want with video or audio whatever but we need you so hurry up before it end -> Contact us for more information!!


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SoundTrax issues We have buffers & the song is skipping & we are losing listeners we have some durring problem with the connection the manager have listen to the station and it did keep bufferings between that the soundtrax radio have be offline for a while but it also be on air sometimes to test the connection by issues but SoundTrax radio will be fixed and the playlist will refreshing and updating to better because it been played same auto dj in about 2 years and half 😛 dont forget to listen to our station it will be fixed and you wont get bufferings

Thank you!!

Please Spread the word of SoundTrax!!

You will no need to be Worry about it and keep you spreading the word etc…

the station will be fixed!!

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CLUB NEVER END [Resident: ChrisXL]

Good news our studio will be done today and today we are about to celebrating the B-day Party of SoundTrax Club Never End Resident ChrisXL it will be awesome dont miss it today 😉 Right now is playing the Auto Dj while the Studio will build!  – [ON MONDAY]

Please tune in and wait till the show start we also play new playlist + it show the title and artist (64 kbps) (Beta Quality Sound) (Winamp Only) (96 Kbps) (Good Quality) (Work with any player)

Enjoy & have a great party when the dj is on Live 😉

Mail us for request if we close have it the request from you 🙂

The Week Of Schedule that is going to happend on SoundTrax Radio

Monday – Open Table Sessions – [Resident: ChrisXL] – Mail us if you also want to be on – (Club Never End – [Resident: ChrisXL] 10:00 Am too 22:32 Pm )

Saturday – Saturday Night Mix – [Resident: ChrisXL] 12:00 Am too 23:00 Pm

Friday – Fridays Night Mix – [Resident: ChrisXL] ON EVERY FRIDAYS 12:00 Pm to 23:00 

[Only in this time of This schedule]

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SoundTrax is down!!

Soundtrax is down again and that because we going to update the whole thing even on our studio etc… we are also planning to run our web tv but it will take months so please wait till it will be up and please dont forget to spread the word of our station you will also be able to chat etc… so please Spread the word 😉



Turntables or Cdjs whatever you do mix with but it must be trance or techno whatever PRO DJS ONLY WE do not accept djs who using a mic with a computer 😉 if you dont have Turntables or Cdjs just enjoy to listen or watch 🙂 + Chat with us and even have fun with us Psst…

IMPORTANT: SoundTrax Radio is going to celebrate and its going to be very fun 🙂 so please if u want to keep us up spread the word 😉

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