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These Questions are from the listeners

Guest Says: Who Made SoundTrax Radio

Admin Says: Me and my Dj nickname called MoonForce so call me MF lol       

* Admin is now known as MoonForce

Guest Says: So where do the playlist come from or do you put it by your home?? 

MoonForce Says: The Playlist is playing from a studio and its a bot like auto dj so yeah of coruse it play in the home but the room is a Studio                              

Guest Says: Oh cool is there live show like playing only normal music??

MoonForce Says: No its an electronica Music and it dosent play normal music like pop rock etc.. there is also Live djs that mix every Saturdays and Sundays  you must have Turntables or Cdjs connected to the computer!

Guest Says: Oh yeah coool so dose it run 24/7 ??

MoonForce Says: Yeah it do =)                                                                       

Guest Says: Is there a live show on every Friday?                                         

MoonForce Says: Yes it dose it play very good music.                                             

Guest Says: Well thank you for those questions it was nice to talk with you.  

MoonForce Says: You welcome and oh dont forget to spread the word + dont forget to tune in 😛

Guest Says: Sure why not? this station is Awesome!!!!!

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