SoundTrax Radio List genre!!

The list of the genre music we need are!

1. Chill Out

2. Ambient

3.  Rock

4. Pop

5.  Alternative like pop/rock/trance but not full track only normal track

If you are about to be live or on underconstruction please mail me so i can directly connect to the playlist when it happend something wrong directly to the SoundTrax Bot 😉 All we need its you example Playing chill out need a mic maybe and pop/rock alternative radio need a mic so if you about to play your own music please mail us and we will give you a special address so you can directly setup without asking me =) its all about Sound =D and if we grow up we will probaly be very good and the best from all internet Radio Station 😉 Mail address ->

P.S. Post your comment about the idea we also need you to have contact -> NO ADVERSTING OR CENSORED WORD ALL YOU NEED IS RESPECT THE PEOPLE!!

[ THIS WILL BE A HARD JOB AT THE FIRST TIME ^^ lol sorry for caps ;P]


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