Finally BACK!!!!

The Radio is now Back online finally huh?

but it may be down for a while more πŸ™‚

i know that you are waiting for the live show on Friday so i will tell you when its Done on this site so if you have msn or something to be live You should be Live on every Saturdays and Sundays add me on msn or mail me on -> PRO DJ ONLY Those who use Dj Mixer or turntables or cdjs whatever =)


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SoundTrax Is back!!

SoundTrax radio is back online with new playlist i hope you enjoy them πŸ™‚

Please also spread the word to all your friends etc…

The studio will continue Rebuilding and it will take months & years πŸ˜‰

Well Enjoy with our new Playlist πŸ™‚

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Dont forget Tune again pleaseee!!

and even spread the word =D

Thank you!!

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sorry Listeners

We are very very sorry because we have some big updates and our radio station will be offline for some months but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee stay tuned when the radio is back on the stream if you want to help us making the site better then the station will be faster with the underconstruction if you wanna work with us add us or mail us -> and also if you want to work with us as a dj like every monday you going to be on air πŸ˜‰ if you have nothing to do just help us!! dont even forget to spread the word because thats the most important but as you see the studio is now on underconstruction and that takes months you know and the station must be on 24/7 but i cant put and turn if off allways thats why i put offline and im making my studio πŸ™‚ well im really sorry about this but do you want me to djing live on every friday ? cΒ΄mon i must make my studio done so you all can listen to me on every friday thats the most important and thats why it play much on auto dj but on every saturdays and sundays Free slots for you all who have turntables or Cdjs and those dj must play electronica

Thank you!!!

psstt if you want to know more information or chat with me on the msn please add or mail ->

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The Radio could not be on air because of…

The radio cant be on air because we have some problem with the server + the server is going to be down for some month but please MAIL us so that we can send you newsletter =)

you can also add by msn ->

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The Radio is back online so tune in!!!

The Radio is back online tune in again and enjoy with greatest Playlist we have update many things right now!!

Enjoy and thank you for listening!!

Soundtrax Radio will start a Chat Server so if you want to ask something please mail us or add us on msn Thanks!!

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We are sorry but the radio is offline for a while because…

We are sorry about this station is offline and online but you wanna know why because the new playlist will come and + the studio is on underconstruction but please Come back and we also going to try to make a site that you all can register for freeeeEEEE but this is a blog and you know a blog is like nothing lol but anyways dont forget to put us as fav site and oh PLEASEEE SPREAD THE WORD AND HELP US!!! πŸ™‚

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